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TV update
Weeds is back! Hurray!

But I'm about tired of the Mexican druglord stuff.  I think you have to live in California for that stuff to be all that meaningful or resonant. I miss Agrestic. I miss when the people resembled people I've actually met. Jenifer Jason Leigh at least brings back a little of that. She's incredible and she and MLP make an awesome pair. Why haven't these two made a movie?  

Remember when we didn't think Nancy should sleep with Andy? Remember when she was a halfway decent Mom? Remember when Doug wasn't completely pointless? When it seemed like he and Celia might actually be a good plan? Remember when Isabelle and Dean were likable? Remember when Silas was the LEAST responsible member of the family?

So....Celia predictably got her ass shipped home. I love how her obnoxiousness is always what saves her. Estaban really is in love with Nancy, but who cares? with friends like him you don't need enemies. I am waiting for him to get nailed by Till, or the rebels, or Cesar, or even his own pet lion. I don't like him. And perversely, I'm liking Cesar more, and hoping that Till didn't already ice him.

Now that Andy's had sex with her sister, Nancy's looking at him with new eyes. Judah's brother, formerly off-limits and a total loser, now officially a humpable bad boy. Go, Andy. (Go back to rabbi college, specifically. go, go, go!)

Doug's noose fixation can't end well. And I've stopped caring. Doug used to have an ace or two up his sleeve, but now he's just there to show us how much worse Andy or Silas could get if they're not careful. Come on, writers, this is a great comedian with a following. Throw him a bone!


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